What truly matters to us in our lives?

How do we want to change the world? Do we want to change it at all?

Why do we run a company?

Why do we want to grow?

Why do we get up every morning and get on a bike or in a car to get to the office?

What would we like to do more of every day, and what habits would we like to get rid of completely?

What sets us apart from other IT companies?

Would we do what we do today if we were only one year old?

Would we treat our colleagues as we treat them now?

There are many questions that entrepreneurs find unnecessary, too difficult, or too time-consuming, so they decide to leave them for later.

There's no need for elaborate strategies. We have a lot to do, and 8 hours is never enough anyway, so how can we find time to answer such intricate, even existential, questions?

Let's do our best, let's work more and harder, and everything will work out somehow...

Yes, it will work out, but it will work out in the way a future without vision and purpose can.

A quote from James Clear fits perfectly here:

"Your current habits are perfectly designed to deliver your current results."
James Clear

At Rocksoft, we ask ourselves these kinds of difficult questions to answer honestly if we have a vision that leads us to where we want to be... or not?

Do we have a vision that makes our employees look forward to the next day with inner peace and joy because today they will have the opportunity to do something interesting again, discover something new, solve a problem, or talk to people whose attitude and enthusiasm inspire and support them?

We ask ourselves such questions and are not ashamed if it turns out that the answer to many of them is "no" for the time being.

We're not ashamed because we know we're only at the beginning of the road and, as Chris Voss writes, "no" does not mean failure.

"No" is not the opposite of "yes," but the path to "yes."

"No" is the beginning of the road.

Many things are unknown to us, and we can learn a lot — from friends, local companies, global corporations, and individuals...

In short, there is always something to learn; you just need to know what and from whom.

The possibilities in this area are fantastic today: podcasts, books, films, audiobooks, e-books, articles, social media — it's amazing how much knowledge we have access to.

"Our main goal is to create an environment in which ambitious people, who want to gain more and more skills and experience, feel like fish in water."

The theory often seems simple, but implementing it is quite a challenge — especially since there are already more than 20 of us at Rocksoft, each with a unique character and something unique to offer the company and associates.

We want to form this environment together — talking to employees, listening to their opinions and feelings, and supporting, above all, those people who really have that spark in their eyes when there is a challenge, when something goes wrong and a solution must be found.

We also want to have people among us who can inspire and teach everyone around them with their attitude.

We aim to create a team that is not only stunningly competent but also honest, open, and supportive of every member of the team, project, and company.

We strive to make Rocksoft a place for people with passion, ambition, and knowledge!

Together, we do progress everyday.

Oskar Pilch

Oskar Pilch
Oskar Pilch

Our CFO with a background as a Product Manager. He writes about business, investing, and finance. Passionate about entrepreneurship and personal finance. NBA fan, Bitcoin holder, also writes about health and lifestyle.